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☞ Remedios caseros para la caries dental – Como combatir la caries en casa

Home Remedies for dental caries tooth decay and tooth decay are some problems most common oral health world.

These problems are more often in children, adolescents and elderly.

However, anyone can cavities.

Dental cavities are holes in the teeth caused by tooth decay.

It occurs due to a bacterial infection that results demineralization and destruction of hard tissues of the teeth.

Certain factors may increase the risk of caries, including food that adhere to the teeth for a long time, frequent snacks, poor oral hygiene, not getting enough fluoride, dry mouth, or devices worn fillings Dental.

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia can also contribute severe dental problems.

Signs and symptoms vary, depending the type and severity of the problem.

Some common symptoms include toothache, tooth sensitivity, mild to severe pain when eating or drinking, or visible holes in the infected tooth, and black, brown or white spots on the tooth surface.

If cavities are not treated, they can lead to severe toothache, infection and even the loss of teeth.

Some of the treatments for cavities are fillings, crowns and root canals.

The first step toward preventing tooth decay and stop the existing cavities worse It is to take good care of your teeth.

Brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes, two times a day, morning and before bedtime.

Floss once a day and also clean the tongue daily.

There are also some natural remedies that They can help provide relief and maintain good oral health.

In addition, consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.


Nail nail is one of the most important ingredients for the treatment of any type of dental problems, including tooth decay.

Because of its properties antiinflammatory, analgesic and anti-bacterial, clove can help relieve pain and prevent it from spreading.

Dilute 2 to 3 drops of clove oil with 1/4 teaspoon sesame oil.

Put a few drops of this solution into a ball cotton and apply the solution on the affected tooth.

Repeat every night before going to the bed.

Another option is to gently chew a nail whole to extract its oil.

Then keep under the tongue for several minutes.

Note: Do not use clove oil in excess or too often, 2.

salt The salt can also be used for the treatment of caries due to their properties antiseptic and antibacterial.

can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, remove any infection and prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Dissolve 1 teaspoon salt in a glass of warm water.

Swish with a mouthful of this solution in your mouth for 1 minute, concentrating on the affected tooth.

Follow this treatment 3 times a day until symptoms disappear.

Alternatively, mix 1/2 teaspoon salt and a little mustard oil or juice lemon to make a paste.

Gently massaging the gums with this paste for few minutes, then gargle with warm water.

Repeat twice a day for a few days to kill bacteria.


sesame oil It is an ancient practice that can reduce cavities and bleeding gums and bad breath.

This helps clean the mouth of harmful bacteria that are responsible of different types of dental problems.

Put 1 tablespoon sesame oil in the mouth.

Gently swish around 20 minutes.


Avoid gargle or swallow the oil.

Rinse your mouth with warm water.

Using salt water for antimicrobial benefits added.

Brushing your teeth as usual.

Do this every day in the morning on an empty stomach.

This can also be done with sunflower oil or coconut.


Garlic Being anti-bacterial and has properties antibiotic, garlic is often recommended for cavities.

It can also provide pain relief gums and teeth healthy.

Prepare a paste of 3 to 4 garlic cloves and 1/4 teaspoon salt rock.

Apply on the infected tooth.

Leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing with a mouthwash.

Do this twice a day for a few weeks to reduce cavities.

You can also rub garlic oil the affected to get quick relief from tooth pain.

Eating raw garlic regularly can also provide effective results.


Licorice According to a study licorice root It can help maintain healthy teeth.

There are two effective antibacterial compounds in dried licorice root that can prevent the growth of bacteria that cause cavities.

Furthermore, this grass can also reduce plaque.

Use powder dried licorice root to brush their teeth on a base regular.

You can also use a stick of licorice soft as a toothbrush to brush your teeth every day.

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