Temporary Dental Crown Care Guide

Temporary Dental Crown Care Guide

A temporary dental crown is a cap covering a damaged tooth to keep its function and also for better appearance. It is attached using a weaker adhesive making it can be easily detached and changed by a permanent crown if needed. To prevent your temporary crown from getting displaced, fragmented or cracked, follow this care guide so there will be no difficulty in the future.

dental crown Temporary Dental Crown Care Guide Temporary Dental Crown Care Guide dental crown

Do not eat Sultry Foods

Sultry foods may dislocate the temporary dental crown as the adhesiveness in the foods may cause the crown to fall off or loosen. Eating sultry foods such as chocolates and chewing gum cause the risk of dragging down the temporary crown.

Avoid Stiff, Crusty Foods

You may not eat any food you want when wearing a temporary dental crown. You should avoid eating crunchy, hard foods or the temporary dental crown will come off or loose. Eating crusty foods like cookies, crackers, nuts, raw carrots, pizza crust, potato chips, hard candy, pretzels, bagels, ice, and celery may chip or break the temporary crown. So, avoid this kind of foods.

Brush Smoothly

Brushing is very important to remove plaque that cause gum disease and teeth damage but do not use extreme force on the dental crown. Smoothly brush the area closes the crown with soft hands. Extreme force while brushing may remove the crown material. Ask your dentist about a particularly intended brush for cleaning temporary crown.

Do not Gritting or Grating Teeth

Grating or scrunching teeth can cause the dental crown to dislocate. It may break the crown caused by pressure exercised when grinding teeth strong enough. Crown is possibly to fall off or chip by strong bruxism so stop your habit of grinding teeth.

Adjust Flossing Procedure

You can keep flossing when wearing temporary dental crown but you must adjust the procedure to avoid chipping it. Floss only between the teeth and avoid moving the thread up and using extreme force on the tooth. Your dentist can suggest you flossing procedure for the crown.

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