Risks and Advantages of dental implant

Risks and Advantages of dental implant

Dental implant offers many advantages to replace tooth loss. It is more permanent and more robust and steady than alternatives like traditional crowns, dentures or bridges as it easier to eat and speak. It can increase your self-confidence as it look better aesthetically and fit more naturally and comfortably. It does not need to be removed making it more convenience and easy to clean since it is secured in place by dental adhesives. Implant does not need anchor to nearby healthy teeth when installing and is easier to clean between teeth which improve oral health.

Dental Implant Advantages

Although dental implant is very expensive, it is the best long term solution for tooth loss. It is permanent and durable making it more cost effective over many years as it require less maintenance. Implant looks natural and fit comfortable giving the look and function more like healthy teeth. It does not require modifications to neighboring teeth so it won’t damage healthy teeth. Its success rates more than 95% which is better than traditional dentures or crown.


The issues and reasons of failure of dental implant are rare and are frequently easily treated making it to have minimal risks. The risk that may occurs include the bone does not assimilating with the implant, bleeding, numbness or wound of the sinus cavity or neighboring muscles caused by nerve failure and the possibility of infection if the tooth implant breaks. Another risk occurs if the crown lack of proper oral hygiene or becomes loose. Success rates depend on some factors such as the size and strength of the jaw bone and the location of the implant is placed. However, overall they are well especially if they are properly cared for. The success rate of the upper jaw is more than lower jaw implants because the bone in the upper jaw is less thick than the lower jaw so successful Osseo integration more challenging.

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