Easy Dental Tips To Care Your Teeth

Easy Dental Tips To Care Your Teeth

Our teeth will not always be there so we need to have healthy teeth and gums as well as brushing them once a day. It is best to have strong, functional teeth especially if you have dry mouth problem caused by sensitivity to temperatures and textures, drugs, and gums diseases. No matter what your age, you need proper dental care throughout the life cycle. Follow these simple dental tips to bring best smile to your face.

Eating Healthy Food

Consuming food with high content of calcium is one of crucial dental tips as your teeth and gums are made up of calcium. Calcium can be acquired from foods like yogurt, cheese and soybeans to keep teeth strong. Choose yogurt with fresh fruit and a whole-grain cereal for breakfast. Also remember that calcium can be easily absorbed if we have more vitamin D in our body. Most vitamin D is acquired from sun ray so go outside and exercising. Loose teeth and bleeding gums are caused by lack of vitamin C so eat a salad with citrus fruits like grapefruit or orange to fight plaque and mouth diseases. Their acid element could actually wear down tooth enamel.

One of important dental tips is to avoid sugary foods like candy especially the sticky ones as they can convert to acids inside mouth and cause tooth decay. Saliva is also the best element to fight bacteria in mouth. Eat foods that promote saliva production like tart or sour foods such as limes, lemons, cranberries and cherries. Another great way to produce saliva is drinking water and it is great to clear bacteria and wash oral cavity. Eat fruits and vegetables as they are foods that have a high water content that prevent the process of decay by weakening the sugars in the foods you eat. Hard, crusty foods, like apples and carrots can clean your teeth naturally as they work as natural dental floss. Also do not forget to brush and floss your teeth every day twice a day and visit your dentist every six months to clean unseen plaque on the teeth.

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