Dental Tips for Smokers

Dental Tips for Smokers

Smoking can cause many health issues for the smoker. Oral is the area that gets most destructively impact by smoking. This means smokers need to take extra care of their mouth and teeth. Follow these dental tips for smoker to keep their oral healthy.

Oral Health Problems Affected By Smoking

There are numerous severe problems for teeth and mouth caused by smoking. These problems can worsen if smokers do not maintain proper health care. The most common oral problem for smokers is the risk of gum disease or periodontal disease. They are four times riskier to develop gum disease than non-smokers. Gum disease damage gums, periodontal ligament, jawbone, and cementum resulting tooth loss. Dangerous chemicals in cigarette cause smokers are riskier to suffer tooth loss. Stop smoking is the best dental tips to prevent oral health problem.

Smokers are likely to develop leukoplakia that result to lung, throat, and oral cancers and cause the salivary glands inflammation to and corrosion of bone structure. Smokers have higher risk to developing dry socket from tooth removal procedures causing severe pain caused by exposing bone and nerve endings. Smoking can also increase the buildup of plaque which cause stain on the teeth and bad breath. There is also condition in some smokers where the tongue can develop black hairy tongue that give the appearance of hairy and yellow, brown, black, or green tongue. They also lose the sense to smell and taste. Stop smoking is still the best dental tips, but for those who cannot stop, here are the solutions.

Maintain Dental Hygiene

Take regular visit to dentist is the first step of dental tips for smokers. Dentists can monitor for signs of developing oral cancers and gum disease. Smokers need more frequent visit to dentist than non-smokers. Smokers can also get oral health benefit from regular cleaning. Brush and floss teeth and use a tongue cleaner and mouthwash at least twice a day every day. Choose the right toothbrush that is intended for smokers that can thoroughly clean most oral area and strong enough to brush the hard stains.

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