All About Dental Implant

All About Dental Implant

Our teeth are fixed in place securely to our jawbone so they won’t easily come off. But in some circumstances like accident or dental disease, our teeth may fall off. This could cause losing function in chewing or biting food or even unpleasing look when smiling. If this happen, you might need a dental implant. This procedure involves an oral or periodontist surgeon to replace natural tooth with an artificial one that’s surgically attached in the jawbone. Here are all you need to know about this kind of implant.

What is dental implant?

Dental implant is the best solution for tooth replacement. Before there was no such procedure, losing a tooth means to have removable dentures or a fixed bridge. Fixed bridges work by anchoring artificial teeth on neighboring healthy teeth that may cause something wrong when wearing while removable dentures may possibly slip-up or cause awkward snapping sounds when talking. An implant are merged to the jawbone and made of titanium metal working as the root of the losing tooth which make it strong and last longer.

Implant Advantages

Dental implant has the best appearance that they look perfect like a real tooth. It also stays still and won’t dislocate. It also save neighboring teeth as it does not need to anchor to the adjacent teeth so it preserves their overall integrity. You do not need to worry about tooth decay or clicking meaning implant increase confidence. No more worry about slippage of dentures. Implant is reliable as it there is no misplacing implants and won’t have to replace it many times.

Implant Procedure

Dental implant will require you to undergone complicated procedure. You will have an initial complete dental exam including X-rays and making the molds of your teeth. You will also need to have treatment plan with your dentist including how many teeth to be replaced, the jawbone condition and how to take care of the implant after the procedure. The procedure will take four to ten months involving several surgical procedures. Most of the times are taken for healing and growing new bone in jaw.

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