How Much is Dental Implant Cost?

How Much is Dental Implant Cost?

A dental implant is an artificial root inserted into the jawbone to hold artificial teeth in position to replace damaged teeth caused by gum or dental diseases. Tooth implants are costly depending on some factors such as the skill of dentist or surgeon, the type of procedure and implant, amount of and what teeth to replace, how many implants needed, and insurance coverage. Consult to your dentist to get an examination and price estimation of tooth implant. You could typically pay $1,500 to $3,500 for a single tooth implant. But it could inflate to $6,000 to $12,000 if there are additional procedures like bone grafts, removals and widespread imaging and modeling. Ask your dentist for the costs after an initial examination.

Additional costs

You have to remember that there are more to pay than dental implant itself. A single tooth implant requires brace and crown that cost additional $600 to $3,500. So you will likely to pay total cost for crown, all procedures, implant, and brace about $4,500. If you want four tooth bridge attached on 2 implants, you have to pay $5,500 to $16,000. You should pay $27,000 to $97,000 for a full set of lower and upper implant supported dentures. The costs are based on the condition of your remaining teeth, jaw bone and gums. Different country has different cost of tooth implant. India, Eastern and South Europe, Africa and Philippines are countries with the least cost of implant procedure.

What You Should Consider

Choose high quality, safe, and long lasting implants although they offer higher price. Avoid picking quote that offer very low price for implant or it could be your regretful choice. There are factors that affect the cost of dental implant including amount of teeth to be replaced, cost of the surgical procedure, expertise of surgeon, material and type of post, crown and abutment,  prosthodontics making, other procedures like bone grafting and sinus lifting and such. Also consider extra charges for the modeling, anesthetic and scans.

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