All About Dental Crown

All About Dental Crown

ZoneDental.com – A dental crown is a cap in tooth-shaped retained above a tooth to cover it so it has better look, shape, strength and size. When completely cover the whole tooth, it lies at and exceeding the gum line.

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Dental Crown Picture

Why do we need a Dental Crown?

Some people in certain situation require wearing dental crown over their teeth. One of the situations includes restoring a damaged tooth or a severely torn down tooth. It can also be used to hold cracked tooth together or protect a weak tooth. When there is not tooth left from broken, it helps to support and cover its large filling. It can also great to hold a dental bridge in position. A discolored or ugly tooth, it will perfectly cover tooth. If you have a dental implant, crown will help to cover it. You can also lift you look as it help in cosmetic modification.

Dental Crown For Kids

Dental crown is also beneficial for kids as it may be used on primary teeth. This means crown can save a severely broken tooth caused by decay that it can’t sustain a filling. Crown can help a child who cannot in step with everyday oral sanitization by protecting the teeth from high risk of decay.

Dental Crown Types

There are many materials to make permanent dental crown including ceramic, stainless steel, alloy, resin, gold, or porcelain-welded-to-metal. For temporary measure permanent teeth can primarily made of manufactured stainless steel crowns. This crown helps to protect the tooth or filling and another material is used for a permanent crown. A stainless steel crown is generally used for children to place over a primary tooth.

Metals dental crown like gold, nickel, palladium, or chromium require less tooth structure to be removed and help to keep tooth wear to a minimum. Metal crowns resist chewing and biting forces well, last the longer and are rarely chip or damage. The main problem is its metallic color which is only good for unseen molars.

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