Dental Crown Fitting Procedure

Dental Crown Fitting Procedure

Dental crown is a cap to fit over the tooth that has been chipped or decayed with purpose for aesthetic or functional reason. Only dentist can do such procedure with proper tools, high quality material and adequate skills. Here are procedures to fit crown over the tooth which include two stages.

Dental Crown Fitting Procedure Dental Crown Fitting Procedure Dental Crown Fitting Procedure Dental Crown Fitting Procedure

Stage 1

This stage comprises a primary consultation to the dentist discussing all the treatment options that involve in the procedures. And then you will have your tooth prepared by the dentist for the crown. The dentist will give local anesthetic before the treatment starts. The procedure begins by cleaning the tooth to be crowned by the dentist. Dentist checks and remove any signs of decay and then restructure it using a burr or small drill. The purpose is to attain a shaped tooth so the dental crown is able to fit securely with the tooth.

Done with the process, the dentist will create a mold using putty or dental wax to take an imprint of the teeth. The dentist will ask you to bite the wax to take an impression of your teeth. The mold will be used as a blueprint for your dental crown and is then sent to a dental laboratory to create new permanent crown. This process require you 2 or 3 weeks to wait so dentist will give a temporary crown to wear during that time.

Stage 2

After the permanent crown is ready to wear, you can visit the dentist to replace the temporary crown.  Dentist starts give a special type of acid to the surface of the tooth which gives it a rough surface. This rough surface allows the dental cement to adhere to the tooth. Your new permanent crown can now be fitted over your tooth. Dentist will check whether it shapes and align naturally with your mouth. If the dental crown has already looked and felt well, dentist will secure its position with dental cement.

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